Sunday, February 25, 2007

"It's just a piece of glass"

I had an unexpected snow day today. Great for my niece visiting with me, because we turned it into movie day. Bad for me, because it meant I missed a bridal open house that I was truly looking forward to as this was a new caterer, a new relationship for me to build. Very disappointed.

After I had awaken from my chocolate ice-cream induced coma this afternoon or maybe it was a Lady-In-The-Water induced coma (either way, both are bad for my health), I decided to do something truly productive and clean out my weddings leftovers space. All of the favors, votives, and other decor items that I have to pick-up after the reception. That was when I stumbled upon a box of diamonds. "Diamonds," my niece squealed in excitement. "Can I have one?" It was nice to see someone excited about the diamonds.

"It's just a piece of glass," one wedding guest had said after unwrapping the carefully gifted package left at his seat.

If my client had taken my advice that piece of glass would have still been sitting on the shelf in the store rather than in my house, and the $180. she spent would have been sitting in her bank account.

I am a huge advocate for edible wedding favors (and this is only if you have an average budget. If you can afford to give your guests pashmina shawls like some of the brides in Inside Weddings, by all means). I've been to many weddings as a guest in my lifetime and even the most unorganized ones (the reason I decided to get into this business), put a smile on my face when they gave me those two Hershey's Kisses, sitting on a spoon, wrapped in a piece of tulle. "El cheapo and el neato," as a wedding planner colleague of mine would say.

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