Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cake and Punch

I blogged a few days ago about reception menus, and a smarty pants friend called to say “that’s why people should go back to cake and punch wedding receptions.” I had to inform her that in the 21st century the cake and punch reception has been upgraded to cake and champagne (sparkling wine for you connoisseurs). Thank you very much.

A few years ago, I worked with a couple that had such a reception. Their guest list was large - 200 plus - but their budget was much smaller. They didn’t want to settle for a JP ceremony with an after party. They wanted the full pomp and circumstance of a church ceremony with all its trimmings, but they couldn’t afford to have a similar style reception. They decided on cake and champagne, but then worried that guests would think it was in poor taste.

That’s where we came in. I sat down with the bride and came up with ideas to stretch their budget (including upgrading the cake and serving a signature champagne punch) without taking away from the elegance of the event. In the end, what we accomplished was an elegant, unique and fun reception that had guests saying this was by far the best wedding they’ve ever attended, even though the reception was not what they have come to expect.

Speaking of expectations…my mother still complains about a cocktail wedding reception she attended a few years ago. In the couple’s defense, my mother is old school and had no idea what “Cocktail Reception” meant. It was clearly printed on the invitation. She came home complaining that there was no place to sit and that they had only served finger foods. Those of us who are young and hip and with it expects that everyone knows what a cocktail reception means, and if they don’t they’d better ask somebody. But what about those guests that aren’t so young or hip and who, like my mother, expects that weddings today are the same as they were decades ago? My advice: don’t assume, spell it out. And if you’re planning a standing only ceremony or reception, remember the elderly.

Speaking of assumptions…JP means Justice of the Peace.

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Katrianna said...

Love this article! This is exactly what we want to do for our destination wedding a cake and punch affair, good to note our destination wedding is our neighbourhood island not a far away one, we live in Trinidad and will be having it in Tobago.