Thursday, January 15, 2009

RERUN: It's the magic

Ten years ago, during my career as a professional bridesmaid, I often wondered why the need for costumes? here are two people standing before family, friends, the state and God, pledging to a lifetime commitment of love, honor and cherish. So why is the bride strapped into a big poofy ballgown in which she could barely walk and the groom sweating in a tux?

"It's the magic," a friend told me. People come to weddings to see the bride, not before the ceremony -- shaking hands and throwing back glasses of champagne -- but at that pivotal moment when she appears at the top of the aisle, the best she's ever looked, a veiled vision in white (not gold, ivory, champagne, green or bronze). Without the big poofy ballgown (and the sweaty groom in a tux), the magic is gone.

To me, the magic is the ceremony. The rituals, especially the ones that honor the couple's culture and/or religion, and reflects their personalities. It's the moment when the officiant charges the bride and groom to remember that their future happiness is to be found in mutual consideration, patience, kindness, confidence, and affection, and when the bride and groom vow to "forsake all others...tell death do us part." Tissues please.

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