Monday, December 18, 2006

Destination: Tobago

I'm planning a destination wedding in 2007 - My own. On the idyllic island of Tobago with its secluded beaches, spectacular views, sunrises, sunsets, lush greenery and exotic tropical rainforest vegetation. Tobago has long been a destination-wedding favorite of British and Canadian residents. It cost a fraction of the price of the more popular island destinations, such as Aruba and Barbados, but yet it has never caught on with Americans. In part because the residency restrictions were ridiculous. It was definitely not the place to have a quickie wedding while on vacation. Fortunately that has changed, and now there is only a 3-day residency requirement (not including your arrival day) to get married on the island. A small price to pay for a beach wedding that is like none other.


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait until Next year for your Tobago Wedding...i will definately be taking notes!!

MaliGeeks said...

awesome! of course I am disappointed that you are not going to St.Lucia....i'm sure Tobago is pretty too.