Saturday, November 18, 2006

Green Weddings

2007 promises to be the year of socially responsible weddings. From organic flowers, wine, food and cake to recycled paper invitations, couples are seeking to instill their socially conscious ideals into their wedding day celebration.

Going green isn’t new. Indie brides have been doing it for years, but with The Knot's upcoming “Green” issue, we expect that the Knotties and the Indies will come together for sustainability. At last, one big happy!

Going green also isn’t cheap. You can expect to pay at least a 20% premium on green products and services, but there’s a silver lining for brides on a budget, green comes in different shades. That's right! There’s super-green and light green.

Yesterday I sampled some organic chocolate truffles. Going green is also delicious!

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Anonymous said...

This was very insightful and something that I would definately consider in the future!